Own Part Of The Pelican Hotel

The Pelican Hotel is the first of its kind in Ghana.

Devtraco Plus is delighted to offer you the unique opportunity to invest in deluxe branded hotel apartments. Through our world-class Pelican Hotel Apartments, you can join the global community of hotel investors right here in Accra.

As the first real estate developer in Ghana to present this investment model, we will provide fully fitted and furnished hotel apartments for sale. Investors will then lease their unit(s) to a hotel management company, which is responsible for the entire development’s facility management, making it a completely hands-off investment for you.

Hotel Room vs Hotel Suite

Hotel rooms are suitable for short stays, while hotel apartments appeal to guests who want an enhanced experience for longer stays or prefer more luxurious conditions. The Pelican Hotel was designed to host both short-stay guests as well as those staying for several months. Each hotel apartment has a kitchen/kitchenette, and most of them have separate living and working areas designed with both leisure and business travelers in mind.

What Makes The Pelican So Valuable?

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