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Fractional Ownership Available

Fractional Ownership Available Now!

Invest with only $42,000 per fraction. Join the elite global community of hotel investors right here in Accra, Ghana.

Invest in The Pelican Hotel Apartments

We are obsessed with creating value for our clients at Devtraco Plus. Investing in The Pelican Hotel Apartments, makes you not only a pioneer, but also secures your financial future.

Pelican Guarantee
Strong Yearly Returns
Pelican Privileges
Owner privileges
Pelican Hotel Investment
Prestigious Hotel Investment
Pelican Fully Fitted Units
Fully-fitted Hotel Apartments

How To Buy Your Hotel Apartment

We invite you to secure your Hotel Apartment today and start your investment journey in The Pelican!



Reserve a unit or multiple units of your choice with $5,000 per unit.


Agree Payment Plan

Pay 20% within a month of reserving your unit and spread the remaining till completion.


Watch Your Investment Grow

Sit back, relax and watch your hands-off investment make returns for you.


Fractional Ownership Now Available!

Choose between three fraction types: Diamond ($46,000), Gold ($44,000) and Silver ($42,000).

Start your investment journey at The Pelican by filling this form! One of our Sales Consultants will get back to you.

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